AGFA 35mm Cameras

AGFA Karat361949-52
Lens:Agfa Solinar 50mm F2.8
Range Finder:Split image

AGFA Karat36, a leaf shutter 35mm RF camera, was introduced in 1949. There were several combinations of lens and shutter, Xenar 50mm F2.8 and Compur-Rapid, Xenon F2 and, Heligon F2, Solinar F2.8 and Solagon F2 with Synchro-Compur.

The photo left is the final version with Solinar 50mm F2.8, launched in 1952. It is very fine finishing and has all strong mechanism with new Spec, lever wind, accessory shoe and self-cocking, for this type of camera. The shutter is Synchro Compur with B,1 - 1/500sec. Exchangeable X,M sync-terminal.

Funy thing of this camera is that the lever winding is reverse direction in comparison with other common cameras. The focusing is the split images, not a double images.

The weight is 670g, a little heavy for this type of camera. Holding is very good.

A sample Photo by Karat36
Solinar 50mm F2.8 f8 1/100 Agfa 400 Nega-Color

sample photo

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