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   Here is Agfa. The Agfa Camera-werke(Munich) was originally established in 1873 as an analine chemical manufacturing company. They made many kinds of cameras. We have howed some of their 35mm Cameras. This is a folding self erecting front style of roll film camera.
   Similar to the Record II but this is range finder model(uncoupled to the lens). It is compact for a 6x9 folding camera. The shutter buttons of most 6x9 folding cameras are on the left hand side, but this AGFA is on the right hand, a very unusual position.
    It has an accessory shoe on the top that is also rare for a 6x9 folding camera.

MAKERAGFA Kamera-Werke Munich Germany
C.A.1952 - 57
FILM120 Brownie 6x9 8 exp.
FocusingUncoupled Rangefinder
Double image
View FinderGalilian
LENSAPOTAR 105mmF4.5 (3-Element in 3-Group)
SOLINAR 105mmF4.5(4-Element in 3-Group)
ShutterProntor-SV B, 1 - 1/250 Sec. X,M Contact
or Synchro Compur, Self Timer
FOCUSTo 3 Feet
Film SupplyManual/Red Window
OthersDouble Exposure Prevention

Sample Photo 1 by Agfa Record III
Apotar 105mm F4.5 f8 1/100 T-Max100

sample photo

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