Ansco VP No2
Hi-end Camera, CA 1915

Ansco VP No2
Ansco VP No2
Ansco VP No2 Helicoide
Ansco Vest Pocket No2 folding camera for 6x9cm using 120 film.
Ansco(Binghamton NY) made many kind of cameras including folders. Their folders didn't have an unique name, No.xx with camera meant a film type. ANSCO V.P. NO.2 is the camera name which is with patient list on the pressure plate inside of the camera. As the film of this camera is 120, you could take a picture even today, if it worked correctly. Equipped lens is Modico Anastigmat F7.5 and shutter is Bionic which speeds are T,B,1/10-1/200sec. This camera was made at least after 1916, as there were three patient numbers on the pressure plate and latest one was FEB.29 1916.
There is no focal length around the lens. It maybe 105mm because a lens diameter is 14mm, so we have 7.5 x 14 = 105mm. There are two reflect finders insie the lens board. Camera has no lens bed on this age yet but lens board is held by four strut supported to front. This is real unique camera for 6x9cm folder. It has also a helicoide in the lens board for closed focus. The field depth table is printed in the lens cap just beside the lens.
There was a famous Vest Pocket Kodak on the same age. This camera seems to be much high end camera than V.P.K..

Ansco VP No2 Leg To open the lens board, you put the lens board forward by your fingers. Then lens board stops by the top of four struts. It has an unique leg for laying camera vertically. You pull the leg first under the lens board, then rotate the small tip of top. This causes the leg enough length for laying camera vertically.

A sample photo Modico Anastigmat 105mm F7.5
f8 1/50sec. Neopan SS(ISO100) 9 Oct. 2001

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