Argoflex E

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Argoflex E

Argoflex Seventy five
Low cost TLR made by ARGUS,INC.(Michigan & Chicago Illinois), VoigtLander Brillant copy. There were many Argoflex type TLR of 620 film. This E model is not like them and possible to use both 120 and 620 films.

The lens is Argus Varex Anastigmat 75mm F4.5 no coating and shutter is ever ready of T,B, 1/10 - 1/200sec.

The body is made by mold plastic. There was a metal body model EM for late version and EF was a flash model.

The photo below is same Argoflex but ist just as the Kodak Six-Twenty Brawnie camera.

Argoflex E TLR Specification
MakerARGUS,INC.(Michigan & Chicago Illinois) U.S.A.
C.A.1940 - 48
Film120/620 brownie 6x6cm/12 Exp.
FocusingRotating Vew lens
View FinderPint Screen is a glass mat
LensArgus Varex Anastigmat 75mm F4.5
View lensAnastigmat 75mm F4.5
ShutterT,B, 1/10 - 1/200 Sec.
Focus3.5 Feet
Film supplyRed window
Weight77x77x135mm / 670g

A sample photo by Argoflex E
Varex Anastigmat 75mm F4.5
f6.3 1/50sec Fuji Presto 100

sample photo
(Aug 5 '99)

Sample Photo by Argo 75

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