Argus C3

camera photo
Argus Original Model

camera photo
Argus C3

ARGUS,INC.(Michigan & Chicago Illinois.) has been making various cameras through the WWII till today. Most products were 35mm cameras though, the low cost TLR Argoflex were also made. The Argus C3 an early 35mm model was launched in 1939, continued by 1966. A high grade Argus C44 was launched In 1956, which was the latest model of Argus C series.

Its socalled A Brick. The shutter included in the body makes 1/10 to 1/300 sec with internal synch. The lens is Argus Coated Cinter 50mm F3.5.

Argus C3 Specifications
MakerARGUS,INC.(Michigan & Chicago Illinois.)
C.A.1939 - 66
FocusingHellicoid by gear
Range FinderSplit Images
View FinderGalilei
LensArgus Coated Cinter 50mm F3.5 Min. Aperture F16
Shutter1/10 - 1/300sec Flash Synch
Closed Focus3 feet
Size46x68x130cm(Brick only) / 765g

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A sample photo by Argus C3
Argus Coated Cinter 50mm F3.5 f8 1/100sec

sample photo

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