Screw Mount Leica Table

Leica III
A Screw Mont Leica is normally cald "Barnack leica" in Japan, as Osker Barnack(1879-1936) of Leitz designed the early model of Leica cameras.
able Lenses
1A1925No NoNoNo500 NoMade debut at Leipzig in 1925
2B1926No NoNoYes300 NoWith Compur Shutter
3C1930Yes* NoNoNo500 NoLens interchangeable but dignated lens only
4II1932Yes YesNoNo500 NoFirst RF model
5III1933Yes YesYesYes500 NoFirst Slow shutter model
6IIIa1935Yes YesYesYes1000 NoFirst with 1/1000sec model
7IIIb1938Yes YesYesYes1000 NoFirst small eye peace interval
8IIIc1940Yes YesYesYes1000 NoDie-cast body, pre War model
9IIIc1945Yes YesYesYes1000 NoPost War model
10IIc1948Yes YesYesNo1000 NoNo slow shutter
11Ic1949Yes NoYesNo1000 NoNo RF model
12IIIf1945Yes YesYesYes1000 YesSynchro(Black)
13IIIf1950Yes YesYesYes1000 YesSynchro(Red)
14IIIf1954Yes YesYesYes1000 YesSelf-Timer
15IIf1951Yes YesYesNo1000 YesNo Slow shutter
16If1952Yes NoYesNo1000 YesNo RF model

Features of Screw Mout Leica

Leica IIIf
Self Timer
1 Film loading Its hardly possible to load the current films. Need to extent the leader tip of film from current 4cm to 11cm.
2 Eye peaceThere are two eye peaces for view and range finder. The interval between them is 6mm after the IIIb, 20mm for before IIIa.
3 Synchronous From IIIf models. can synchronous under 1/30sec at the black dial number "2" for electric strobe, 1/50sec at red number "20" for later models.
4 BodyMetal Plate body was used IIIb or before, die-cast body was used IIIc or later models which made about 2mm bigger in size of width and height.
5 ShutterNo slow speeds for II or before models. Highest shutter speed was 1/500sec for II and III, made 1/1000sec for IIIa or later models. No slow speed was added for IIc,Ic,IIf,If models.
6 EyeletNo eyelet for II or before.
7 Self-TimerIt had only the latest model of IIIf.

The data refered to "Leica Manual"(by K.Urago: Nippon Camera Inc.).
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