Last Version of Voig's Folder

    Post war updated version of the BESSA RF. Lens variations are Skopar, Heliar and Apo-Lanthar.

    It had become the last version of     Voigtlander's spring camera. Among many of spring cameras, the Bessa II is one of the most well finished camera as well as Zeiss Super Ikonta.

    In late 1950s, the world wide trend toward the more convenient small cameras like as Leica M series or Japanese SLR in stead of the medium format. Most of manufacturers no longer keep working with spring camera. It had come at last that the age of a spring camera's death.

camera photo

BESSA II Specification
MakerVoigtlander Braunshweig Germany
Film120 brownie 6x9cm/9 Exp.
FocusingKnob on the body
RangefinderDouble image
View FinderGalilei
LensHeliar 105mmF3.5 (5-Elements in 3-Group)
ShutterSynchro Compur T,B, 1 - 1/500 Sec.
Focus4 feet
Film supplyManual/Red Window

Sample Photo 1 by BESSA II
Apo-Lalthar(105mm F4.5) F8 1/250 Sakuracolor SR100

sample photo

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