BOX Camera made in England

Kodak Brownie Flash B

A high grade Box camera made by Kodak Limited London.

The 620(Six-20) film can be used and takes 8 exposures of 6x9cm size.

The lens is a single cell but another lens can be added inside the camera by pulling the side lever for closed shot. Aperture is about F11. It has three speeds of shutter, which are B,1/40 and 1/80sec. There are two reflex view finders on the box, one is on the top and the other is on the side of body. It is very clear view finders that it is able to see clearly even in bright field. Film winding is the type of a red window.

There is another side lever on the side, which can be added Y2 filter to rear of the lens. The flush unit can be attached with a single screw and has a hot synchronized without code. The shutter speed should be used in 1/40sec when you use the flush gun.

Instruction Book

A Sample Photo by BOX CAMERA Kodak
Close up lens Without Close-up lens

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