The ANSCO Box Camera

Ansco box camera made in USA takes fine 6x9cm sizes, 8 exposures on 120 film. I got it five dollars at an antique shop in US and got below sample shot in Waikiki when I was in my way back to Tokyo. It was many years ago but I remembered this camera did not have a spare reel and had to buy extra film only for reel.

This is the first antique camera I purchased almost half in joke but it made me onto the bog of Classic Camera.

The shutter is only instant mode(about 1/50 sec.), no bulb. There are two reflex view finders, one is on the top and the other is on the side of body.

The sample photo is from my old color print by flat bed scanner, which is going to be the color fading out. It had to be more clear in color and sharpness if it were from fine film scanners or from fresh print. It must be a well-made most simple medium format camera, anyway.

A Sample Photo by BOX CAMERA "Waikiki"
sample photo

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