Focusing Brillant TLR

A Compact TLR for the Beginner

It used high class lenses, Scopar or Heliar, for the beginner's TLR. The early model of Brillant(German, means brilliant) was not able to adjust the focusing using the finder. They were set by scale.
Though the Brillant looks like a normal TLR, the view finder is different than usual in that has a big convex lens for the view screen in stead of normal ground glass. It is able to focus by viewing a center matte spot on the convex lens and it has a loupe in the hood. It has also a sports finder of Galilei type.

filter photo
Voigtlander Brillant is very special camera, it has added accessory - an extinction meter to attach on the viewfinder lens. This kind of use of an exposure meter can be understood as a TTL measurement.

camera photo

Focusing Brillant TLR Specifications
MakerVoigtlander Braunshweig Germany
Film120 brownie 6x6cm/12 Exp.
FocusingRotating View and taking lenses coupled
View FinderGround Glass Screen is a small matte spot on the viewing convex lens
LensScoper 75mmF3.5 (4-Elements in 3-Group)
Heliar 75mmF3.5 (5-Elements in 3-Group)
View lensRapid-s-O 75mmF2.2
ShutterCompur Rapid T,B, 1 - 1/500 Sec.
Focus1 meter
Film supplyAutomatic wind with counter
Weight7.6x12x9.2cm / 600g

A Sample Photo by Brillant(Helier75mmF3.5) F8 1/250sec Fuji-100A(Oct'89)

sample photo
Lake Kawagichi, There are five lakes named Fuji-goko near
Mt.Fuji, one hour drive from Tokyo.

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