Early 6x9cm self erecting folding Camera

Made by Certo Kamera Werk(Dresden, Germany) in 1931. Certo had been making many kind of 6x9cm 120 film cameras since around 1925. This camera was a rare model of self erecting spring bed camera among the other folding cameras. It is one of the most compact light 6x9cm folding cameras ever made, only 420 grams.
It has a reflecting waist level view finder on top of lens board, which was most popular for folding cameras of this age. It also has a frame finder attached on the top of the body.
The lens is a Meyer Go:rlitz Trioplan 10.5cm F6.3. The focusing is front cell rotatation,focussing from 2 meters to infinity, no range finder. Minimum aperture is F22.
The shutter is VARIO, ever ready type, has T, B, 1/25 - 1/100sec, no self timer.
There is a small hole under the lens board, which is not for a shutter release, but is able to hold a small release cable and possibly to fold the bed with the cable inside.

camera photo

Certotix Specifications
MakerCerto Kamera Werk(Dresden, Germany)
Film120, 6x9cm, 8 exposures
LensMeyer Gorlitz Trioplan 10.5cm F6.3
Minimum aperture F22
ShutterVARIO T, B, 1/25 - 1/100sec
FinderReflex and Frame finder
FocusingFront cell rotating, no range finder
Film windingRed window, no cover

Sample phot 1 by Certotix
Go:rlitz Trioplan 105mm F6.3 f16 1/100 NeopanSS
sample photo

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