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Iharge Kamerawerk,Steenbergen & Co.(Dresden Germany) introduced many type of cameras, especially known for metal body SLR before the War.

1933 Ihagee presented the world's first SLR for medium format, 4x6,5 cm, the "IHAGEE-EXAKTA".
1935 the upgraded "IHAGEE-STANDARD-EXAKTA" was presented.
1936 the "KINE-EXAKTA" was released. This was the first small sized SLR system. The most sophisticated camera during the 1930's. Shutter speeds from 1/1000 sec. to 12 sec., and self timer from 1/1000 to 6 sec. Interchangeable lenses with bayonet. Film advance with lever arm om left hand side of the body. KINE- EXAKTA was released with lens Exactar 54 mm / F3,5.

First cameras after World War II came 1949, EXAKTA II, which was an upgraded 1936-model. 1950 came EXAKTA VAREX. Later the EXAKTA VX and EXAKTA EXA.

Lenses:Exaktar 54 mm / F3,5 (1936)
Jena B2 58 mm / F2,0 (1950)
Xenar 50 mm / F3,5 (1960's)
Xenar 50 mm / F2,8 (1960's)
Tessar 50 mm / F2,8 (1960's)
Primoplan 50 mm / F1,9 (1960's)

A Sample Photo by Exakta VX
Portrait Lens : Steinheil Auto Tele Quinar 135/2.8
f4 1/125sec ILFORD XP-2

sample photo

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