Taking by Flash Bantam

As the film height of 828 is 35mm, it seemd to be possible to take shots by 135 film with paper. I made first an empty spool and paper making use of 127's. It was not hard work for making spool because the side brims were same diameters of 127 spool. I could get 12 exp film roll because that it seemed more thin both resent films and paper than 1940's materials. As it is not able to use perforations for this roll, had to be film winded by Red(Green) window for each shots.

The images went over the perforations as you saw bellow sample. The shot should to be more wider.

Films Infomation
Flash Bantam was highly rated in Consumers Research prewar. It has an Ektar grade 4 element lens. Quite a famous camera in USA. The 828 film has paper plus perforations as does 126. To use 126 in it take the cartridge apart and load paper and film and shoot every other exposure to get six pix on a 12 exp roll. 828 Film is available special load in the USA including color and procesing too. It is Expensive, maybe about $8/roll. The 126 film is in a cassette, made like 110, still readily available in the USA.
(The film Infomation by Ed Romney, Thanks Ed.)

A sample Photo by Kodak Flash Bantam
Kodak Anastar 48mm F4.5 Fuji PRESTO(ISO400)
sample photo
f11 1/200sec, Nov 6 1998

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