KODAK Flash Bantam

A Compact Fine Picture Taker

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Eastman Kodak 828 film Compact camera. The 828 film with backing paper can take 8 exposures 28x40mm(1 1/8 x 1 1/2in) for full frame. There is also a famous Bantam Special Camera for this size, but it is expensive today, in spite of no film being supplied now. The Flash Bantam is a simple mechanical camera though the lens equipped is a top grade coated 4 element 3 group Anastar F4.5 48mm. It is smaller than any Kodak 35mm cameras of those years. The exposures size is 30% bigger than a 35mm camera. Simple, compact, but it is a fine picture taker.

Flash Bantam Specifications
MakerEastman Kodak U.S.A.
Film828 (28x40mm) 8 Exp.
Focusfront cell rotating
Range FinderNon
View FinderGalillei
LensAnastar 48mm F4.5(3 Ele $ Grp)
Min. Aperture stop F16
ShutterKodak Flash Bantam B,T,1/25-1/200sec
Kodak Synchro term.
Closest focus2.5 feet
Camera size117x65x40mm 350

A sample Photo by Kodak Flash Bantam
Kodak Anastar 48mm F4.5
Used 35mm Film with paper(Home made film)
sample photo
f11 1/200sec, Nov 6 1998

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