Fed 1

Russian Leica Copy Camera

camera photo

The name of FED comes form the initial of Felix Edomundovich Dzerzhinsky(from:Mckeown's Camera Price Guide). It was launched in 1935. The design looking of early model Fed 1 was very similar to the Leica II in looking design. The lens FED(its Russian letter) 50mm F3.5 was a dead copy of Elmar.

FED1 Specifications
MakerDzerzhinsky Commune,Kharkov,Ukraine
Film135/ 36 Exposures
FocusingLeica screw mount
Range Finder>Double images
View FinderGalilei
LensFed 50mm F3.5
ShutterFocal Plale B,1/20 - 1/500sec
Closed focus/td>1 meter
Film WindingKnob

A Sample phot by Fed1 FED 50mm F3.5
f4.5 1/200sec Fuji Presto ISO100
sample photo by FED1
(99' 1 July)

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