Hasemi Wood Technical FT45

camera photo
Lens : TELE Congo 400mm F8

The Hasemi Wood View Camera is designed as a light camera of 4x5 inches format, which has all movements possible. The body is nice looking,and is made of a subtle tight grain of Cherry wood. The camera's folded shape is so compact that it measures only 7.5 x 18 x 18cm and the weight is only 1,760g including the 127mm Ektar lens and the Linhof board. There are sixteen screws to tighten the movement parts and the body.

It is very hard puzzle to unfold or fold the camera. It is better that you practice before going out the field with it.

The Weight comparison
Hasemi Wood1,760g with 127mm Ektar Lens
Crown Graphic2,400g with 127mm Ektar Lens

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