Hasselblad 1000F

     Hasselblad original model 1600F was launched in 1948, as the first 6x6 SLR which also had interchangeable lenses and film magazines. Kodak Ektar 55mm, 80mm, 135mm and 254mm were provided for the 1600F.

     The original model 1600F was changed to Hasselblad 1000F(photo) in 1952. The figures of the model name stands for a maximum shutter speed and "F" means Focal plane shutter.

     Kodak Ektar 80mm f2.8 was attached as a standard lens in the early model of the 1000F. It was changed to Zeiss Tessar 80mm F2.8 on later model. The Hasselblad 1000F was continued manufacturing till 1957.

     There are many available lenses for the Hasselblad 1000F: Kodak Ektar 55mm F6.3, Zeiss Distagon 60mm F5.6, Ektar 80mmF2.8, Tessar 80mm F2.8, Ekter 135mm F3.5, Sonnar 135mm f3.5 Opton Zonar 250mm F4 and Dallmayer(London) 350mm(14 inch) F4.5. The attached lens in the photo is a Distagon 60mm, and the lens by the camera is a Zeiss Tessar 80mm.

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A sample photo by Hasselblad 1000F
Tessar 80mm F2.8 F8 1/250

sample photo

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