Hasselblad SWA,SW

The Hasselblad SWA (Supreme Wide Angle) was introduced in 1954 as a super wide angle 6x6cm camera, which had 90 degrees of diagonal and 72 degrees of horizontal angle coverage.

The modeldesignation was soon to be changed to SW. The lens, a 38mm F4.5 Carl Zeiss Biogon was different from the Hasselblad SLR. The shutter was a Synchro Compur, B,1 - 1/500 sec and the shutter wind was not self-cooking. The Closest focus was 56cm. The film magazines were common to the other Hasselblad SLR Cameras.

Sample Photo
Wistaria(at Kokuryo Jinja, Chofu-city)
Hasselblad SW Biogon 38mm F4.5 f11 1/250
sample photo

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