Novelty Subminiature Hit Camera

     Hit Camera, it was one of my yearning camera when I was a young child. A camera on the photo is actually a camera called "Crown Camera". There was a "Hit Type camera" on a camera list from US shop, I had felt a dear dream on my childhood. I got it but the shutter was out of fix and could fix it without problem. 1947 - 50' Japanese novelty.

     There was an advertising of Hit Camera on the boys magazine on that age and I was dreaming to have it someday. The price was so high for a small child because it was a couple of years after ended WW-II Japan. I couldn't buy it to the last though I kept the dreaming for long time. This is only a simple reason why I got it.

HIT camera
     There seemed to be so many Hit Type Cameras in that ages according to the today's camera literatures. They also say that there were some cameras printed "Occupied Japan" on the bottom.

     Focus length might be 25mm approximately and they had usually F11 single element lens with Bulb and Instant(1/30sec) shutter. It is possible to expose 10 of 14x14mm size on 16mm rollfilm with black paper.

     Right photo is a true Hit camera I recently got on ebay. I bitted it in spite of myself as remembered it had such a nice case(Nov 1999). This little miniature camera measured 2" long and about 1 3/8" tall. It was good condition, with a shiny chrome. Happy to say it still had a roll film in it, I got two film spools and magazine.

Spool & Magazine

     A camera left side is a Minolta 16, not a novelty, a bit smaller than a box cigarette, was put in order to compare the size. You can imagine how Hit camera is small. My mom bought Minolta 16 for me when I enterd high school. I still use Minolta 16, but diffrent cameras, these days. T.Kubo(Main editor)

A sample photo by Novelty Hit Type "Crown Camera"
25mm F11 Instant(1/30sec) T-Max100 (July 1998)

sample photo

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