Russian Panorama Camera

A Russian 35mm panoramic camera. C.A. 1966.

The lens is OP-28P 28mm F2.8 in pivoting cylinder. The sight of the camera is 120 degrees, makes 24x58mm exposure size. It is 1.6 times of normal 35mm exposure length.

The shutter is 1/30, 1/60, 1/125 sec slits on the pivot cylinder which is constant turning speed. The removable view finder is nice and has a bubble of water level inside of the view finder.

It is hardly possible to avoid a distortion for the close targets(see Sample Photo 2).

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Sample photo by Horizont
At the Temple, OP-28P 28mm F2.8 f8 1/60 Kodak Gold100

sample photo

Sample Photo 2

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