Iha 6 Folding Plate Camera

Iha6 Plate camera
Iha 6 1920' Plate Camera
Iha6 with Ektar

This camera has a name of Iha 6. It must be Ihagee Folding Plate Camera made by Ihagee Kamerawerk, Dresden Germany in 1920's. It was only a body without lens when I got it.
It should originally have a Tessar 105mm F4.5 with Compur shutter.The body is made of all metal leather covered. Inside was beautiful and all parts looked to be functioning, the bellows also looked intact. The back lid is usually fitted with ground glass for this variety of plate camera, but was no glass present in the lid.Then I wanted to take photographs with this camera and I put on the Kodak Ektar 101mm F4.5 made in 1940, which I have owned for a spare lens for Century Graphic. This is a left photo.

These cameras mixed up by parts of different cameras are so-called Fruits Punch, these cameras are not welcomed by collectors. As I got a Tessar 105mm F4.5 lens, tried to replace it. It is still a wrong lens for the original body because this shutter is Compur Rapid which had not been appeared in those period.

According to the information from Mr. Hugo Ruys of IHAGEE & EXAKTA PRODUCTS AND HISTORY, this camera is Patent Duplex, produced from 1914(Thanks Hugo).

It is one of the nice features that the bellows is able to extend so long for this size of cameras. Maximum extension of bellows reaches 20cm long. It makes it possible to get close up shots easily and also to be worthwhile in taking ultra close ups to the flowers.

The lens movement is able to shift 10mm in horizontal and 5mm in vertical. The size and weight are 84x125x38mm, 700g, compact for a 6.5 x 9cm plate camera.

The 6.5 x 9cm sheet film is no longer supplied , but it is possible to take 120 film photographs by using the Patent Rollex film holder for this kind of plate cameras.

Sample Photo by Iha-6 Plate Camera
Ektar 101mm F4.5 f8 1/25 Ektachrome

sample photo

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