Imagon Halo controlled Soft Lens

Imagon lens is one of the type of Halo controlled soft lens that has a special filter which is like a lotus root(rhizome). There are number of small and big holes on the filter. The Halo is controlled by how many and how big of holes. Focal length is 200mmm.

lens photo

camera photo
Imagon 200mm attached to Hasselblad.

It is able to use for the non-focal plane shutter camera,
as the lens is set in Compoud shutter.

Sample Photo 1
Geisha(UmeChiyo, MatsuChiyo) by Linhof Technica 6x9

Sample Photo 2 Flowers by Linhof Technica 4x5
Photographs(lens,camera and works) were supplied by Nobuo Honda.

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