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    Voigtlander had been making many optical products since 1756. After roll film became available at the end of the last century, they made roll film cameras too. The first Spring Camera version of Voigtlander Prominent was launched in 1932. In 1936 a rangefinder BESSA was made to compete with the Zeiss "Super Ikonta". Post war versions of BESSA II were made until the end of the 1950's. These were excellent models, which lenses included the Skopar, Heliar and Apolanthar. They had also very compact Bessa66 and Perkeo series camera.
    A roll film folder normally has an "Red Window" on the back in order to wind the film, in which the exposure number can be seen through the red plastic.
Zeiss Ikon
Super Ikonta
Super Ikonta C
    The Super Ikonta is the most famous Folding(Spring) Camera in the world. They have different names in Japan that indicate the exposure size on the film. The 6x6cm size(Ikonta B) is called as a Super Six. The 6x4.5cm(Ikonta A) is known as a Super Semi Ikonta and the 6x9cm version(Ikonta C) is just a Super Ikonta. Also there is a model with uncoupled Range Finder(Ikonta C) which is is called a Mes Ikonta in Japan.
Super Pontura
    The Balda-Werk in Germany made many sorts of Cameras since 1908. This is one of the most hi-grade 6x9cm Spring model Super Pontura. The 6x6cm or 6x4.5cm folder of Balda Model is called as a Baldaxette. They made also many low cost cameras.
Ensign 820
Ensign Autorange 820
    Here is the post War version of their Folding Camera, the Ensign Autorange 820 made in England. There are also Ensign Autorange 16-20 and Ensign Autorange 220 in a pre War version.

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