Kodak Instamatic

Kodak Instamatic 804

Kodak 126 cassette film
Kodak 126 cartridge film

Here is a Instamatic 804 of Kodak Instamaitc family which had instant laoding feature, launched in 1963. This 804 has fine Kodak Ektar F2.8 lens, electric-eye exposure and automatic flash exposure controls, it provided rangefinder focusing, automatic film advance, illuminated finder signals, and automatic flushcube advance. The spring power motor for film advance, raising a black Pull-Tab and draw the winding tape straight out(as see on the picture), then, while still grasping the tab, allow the tape to retur-repeat until still the motor is fully wounded, about 7 full stroke or until locked.

The lens is Kodak Ektar F2.8 38mm and shutter speed is B, 1/60,1/125 and 1/250 sec. and 1/30 sec. automatically selected for flash by inserting flashcube onto the socket. Two N-size batteries are required to power the flash and finder signals. The camera requires 126 cartridge film, takes 20 exposures of 28 x 28mm square size. Its a pretty heavy for such a small camera because of having spring power motor, about 630g.

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