Reflex Korelle
The earliest 6x6cm SLR

camera photo

Launched in 1934. Pre War 6x6cm SLR, made by Franz Kochmann, Dresden Germany.
It maybe the earliest 6x6cm SLR. The body variation were I,II,IIa and III. The model in the photo is IIa launched around 1937. The Shutter is cloth focal plane, the speeds are B, 2 - 1/500sec and self timer.
The lens is Carl Zeiss Tessar 80mm F2.8, interchangeable. It seemed to be provided a couple of tele photo lenses up to 300mm. The mirror moves to couple with the shutter stroke and to be returned when the shutter button is released free. The film winding is automatic with shutter cocking. It was a very popular SLR camera before Hasselblad was introduced.

The Reflex Korelle Specifications
MakerFranz Kochmann, Dresden Germany
Film120 6x6cm 12 Exposures
FocusingLend helicoid
FinderSLR mate screen with magnifier and frame finder
LendTessar 80mmF2.8 Min aperture F32
ShutterCloth focal plane B,2 - 1/500sec, self timer
Closed focus3 feet
Film windingAutomatic stop

A sample Photo by Reflex Korelle
Tessar 75mm F2.8 f8 1/100 Fuji Reala

sample photo
Elaeagnus multiflora

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