A famous "Leica Vs Contax Dispute"

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The Pamphlet "Leica Vs Contax Dispute" issued in 1936 is one of the famous story among Japanese Lieca collectors.

A comparison chart of ability between Leica(II or D) and Contax(I or II) had been reported on the "Asahi Camera" magazine. The contents had seemed that Contax was a little bit nicer than Leica. There had been kinds of dispute between Leica and Contax among camera users from the beginning. This report of magazine had made the dispute reaching the climax. But the problem was among only users, no relationship with the Maker, Leitz or Zeiss Ikon.
Many of Leica users had asked Schumidt Leica dealer of Japan to oppose the report. As a result of the demand had made Schumidt issue twenty pages of pamphlet.(from a part of "A History of Leica" by Ichiro Nakagawa)

The title comes from Japanese proverb means that one must wipe when flying sparks fall(meaning is "can't help opposing"). Contents are admiration of Leica and user report.

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Caution: All contents are written in old style Japanese, not in English.

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