Semi Leotax R

The Semi Leotax had been made since 1940 which was 6x4.5 folder that a almost copy of Zeiss Ikonta A or Semi Netter, made by Showa Kogaku Japan.
The right photo camera is Semi Leotax R made in 1952. It has an uncoupled range finder. The lens is Kominar 75mmF3.5 and shutter is Copal B, 1-1/200sec, with synch terminal.

Semi Leotax

Semi Leotax R Specifications
MakerShowa Kogaku Japan
Film120 6x4.5 16 Exp.
FocusFront cell rotating
Range finderUncoupled, Double image
View FinderGalilei
LensKominar 75mmF3.5 coated(4lement,3-Group)
ShutterCopal B,1 - 1/200Sec. Synch terminal
Focus Range1 Meter
Film supplyRed windows
OthersAccessory shoe

Sample Photo by Semi Leotax R
Kominar 75mm F3.5 f8 1/100 Fuji Reala

Semi Leotax sample photo
(May 20 1990)

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