Nicola Perscheid

Pre War portrait lens for photo studio. The name had come from that Mr. Nicora Perscheid(German) who was a famous photographer proposed to make a fine portrait lens to Emil Bush A.G. in Rathenow Germany.

It is said that many of Hollywood Stars were taken own portrait by Nicola Perscheid lens before the War.
Mr.Nicola's portrait

The Photo(left) is a portrait sample taken by Mr. Nicola in 1923.

There seemed to be several focus variations of 18 to 60cm(F6 to F4.5). There are very few samples left now in comparison with the Verio defused focus lens. This sample is 360mm F4.5.

(Data from Asahi Sonorama/Camera Review)

Lens Photo

lens elements Picture

Sample Photo by Nicola Perscheid 360mm F4.5
Sample Photo
Portrait 1 Jinpachi Nezu / a famous actor

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