Nokomat FTN
Strong and Endurance Camera

Nikomat FTN
The Nikon F was made in 1959, as a highest SLR at this age in Japan. It was a long run sales camera, ten or more years without changing its specifications except minor changes. Meanwhile, Nikon Fotomic T was made in 1965 as the first TTL meter coupled SLR of Nikon series cameras. The Nikomat FT was made at the same age as a first built in TTL meter camera of Nikon product, it was pronounced Nikomart.
Nikon Fotomic The Nikon Fotomic was a Nikon F which top prism was changed to the one had TTL meter inside. So as the camera was bigger in size and weight, people preferred this Nikomat FT as a TTL SLR. It had enough reliability, functions and endurance against the Nikon F. As soon years after, the advanced model Nikomat FTN was appeared and it raised up more in popularity than before. The black body was also provided, which was liked mostly by professional camera man.
This camera, Nikomat FT(FTN), had no shutter dial on the top, it was equipped around the lens mount as like looking at the leaf shutter camera's one. It is good for TTL camera operations when viewing into the prism finder. In FTN, the readout of shutter speed was added inside the prism. It caused more easy to use TTL meter.

The Nikomat FTN black left photo is over 30 years passed since it was born. It is on active and the lens Nikkor-HC Auto 50mmF2 attached is the same one when I bought it.
This camera is still active for my camera works and have no dissatisfaction for taking phtographs as a fine manual camera. It is a little heavy though, 1090 grams with 50mm F1.4, 970 grams even F2 lens is used.

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