Olympus35 Olympus35 was launched in 1948, when it was soon after the War II ended. It had a good reputation as very good 35mm camera. It was a very compact camera, as it had no range finder. There were some variations of non RF model of Olympus35. The first RF model was Olympus35 s3.5, sold in May 1955. The left hand photo is Olympus35 IIIa sold in July 1953.
The lens is Zuiko F.C. 40mmF3.5Aits shutter is COPAL B,1 - 1/300sec with Kodak synch socket. This socket was changed to standard one in next year, the lens name was also changed to D-Zuiko.

Olympus35 Top view The shutter is non self-cocking, but the camera has double exposures prevention when you set the lever to A position. The D position is possible to make double exposures. The film pressure plate was made by glass in order to keep the exposure film plane, like the Leica M3 of early model. They had changed to metal plate soon after for both cameras.

Olympus35 IIIa
ManufacturerOlympus Opt.
FocusingFront cell rotation
Range Findernone
View finderGalilei
LensZuiko 40mm F3.5 Minimum aperture F16
ShutterCOPAL B,1-1/300sec. Kodak Synch terminal
Closed Focus3feet

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