Asahi Pentax SP
1960's Populer SLR

Pentax SP    The Asahi Pentax Spotmatic trial manufacture was exhibited at the Foto-Kina West Germany in 1960. This camera had an epochmaking TTL spot metering system. In talking about 1960's, the Lica M3 and M2 were in the market and we could know how this metering system were progressive at that moment.

     It was in 1964 that the Asahi Pentax SP production version was launched in the market. Though the mesuring exposure was not a spot but an averaging meter, it still had a name of "Spotmatic".

     The Asahi Pentax was so popular camera that a lot of them were sold on 1960 to 70's. There are many attractive fine interchangable lenses and accessories with cheap prices on the second market even now. It is one of the attractive point of Pentax cameras.
The photo is Ashahi Pentax SPF with 200mmF3.5 attached.

     There are many Pentax accessories. This is one of a convenient Angle Finder.