Retinette Ia


The original Retinette was launched in 1939, which was a folding type like as retina. The Retinette Ia is a non folding type camera which has no range finder.The left photo Retinette Ia was made in 1960, Schneider Reomar 45mm F2.8 lens, pronter 250S shutter(B, 1/30 - 1/250Sec). The focusing is front cell rotation.

Retinette Ia
MakerKodak(made in Germany)
Film135, 36Exposures
Range FinderNon
View FinderGalillei with Bright Frame
LensSchneider Reomar 45mm F2.8, Min. Aperture F22
ShutterProntor 250 SABA1/30 - 1/250sec
Self TimerAX-term and Hot Shoe
Closed Focus3 feet(1 meter)

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