There are many models of Rolleiflex which have been made since 1929. The most popular model is the 2.8F, the last version which is well finished and popular in the used market(The photo is 35C model made in 1955).

    Let's see here the 2.8C model made in 1953. This is a first model of TLR which is equipped with Planar or Xenotar lens in the long history of RolleiFlex. After this, these two modern lenses became the a main lens offering for RolleiFlex. The Planar model was discontinued in 1971 and after that time, only the Xenotar model has been continued in manufacture. The shape of aperture was changed to the shape of a pentagon in the model after 2.8C. It also offered EVS light value function and a selenium exposure meter, which is not appropriate to use now forty years later.

    In talking about age 1953, it is a year before Leica M3 was announced and an age of the most popularity of RolleiFlex. The 2.8C was a camera finished as well as 2.8F.

camera photo

Rolleiflex 35C Rolleiflex 35C
     The Rolleiflex Automat 35C model used a Synchro Compur LVS(Light Value System) shutter for the first time. The Carl Zeiss Tessar F3.5 75mm is for taking lens and the Heidosmat 75mm F2.8 for viewfinder. The 35C model is a camera finished as well as 2.8F and body is most like 28C model.

Rolleiflex 35C Back table      There is a LV picture plate on the back, which shows a correct exporsure balue by the subject pictures.
To rotate the apertuer dial(right) enabling you to turn the arrow in the center of shutter dial(left). There are LV figures arround it in the shutter dial and you set the correct LV from the table. The aperture value is automatically shifted so as to keeo the same LV when you roatate the shutter dial to change the speed.

Rolleiflex Sports Finder Sports Finder in the Rolleiflex
     To use the eye level frame finder for like sports subjects, push in the front panel of the focusing hood and look though the upper aperture in the back of the hood. It is possible to use this on Automat models since 1954. Rolleiflex Sports FinderTo bring down the second mirror in the hood, enabling you to watch the ground glass screen through the magnifire in the lower aperture at the back of the hood.

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Sample Photo 1
RolleiFlex 2.8C Xenotar F8 1/250 Fuji Reala
sample photo

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