AMBI Silette

camera photo

The Agfa's High-end 35mm camera launched in 1953. It is lens interchangeable by use of behind shutter. There apears three kind of bright frame, for 35, 50, 90mm in the view finder sights by pushing the slide lever on the top.
The lens change is by one touch bayonet mount. Standard lens is Color Solinar 50mm F2.8 and the shutter built in the body is Synchro Compur, B,1 - 1/500sec with MX-terminal and self timer.
A funny thing is that it has a cover like visor of a cap on the view finder windows. We should open the visor first before use, or nothing can be seen in the finder, its dark.

There might be a Ploximeter for close-up shot.

AMBI Silette
MakerAgfa(made in Germany)
Film135, 36Exposures
Range Finderdouble images
View FinderGalilei with three Bright Frame
LensColor Solinar 50mm F2.8, Min. Aperture F22
ShutterSynchro Compur, B,1 - 1/500sec
Self TimerAMX-terminal
Closed Focus3 feet(1 meter)

A sample Photo by AMBI Silette Soliner 50mm F2.8@f5.6 1/250sec

sample photo
(from the train, evenig, May 1998)

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