Soho Reflex

Early Wooden SLR

camera photo

This wooden SLR was designed and manufactured by Marion & Co, 3 Soho Square, London W1. It is built of Teak with black Morocco leather applied. It takes 3x4 inch plate or film, and has a revolving back for either horizontal or vertical exposures. It has Ross Xpres 4.75 inch F4.5 lens and interchangeable.

The focal plane shutter consists of two cloth blinds and moves vertically. The shutter has speeds of T, 1/18, 1/24, 1/36, 1/75, 1/150, 1/300, 1/800 sec.. The shutter cocking knob is on the right side and the shutter release lever is coupled to the rise of the mirror.

A sample Photo At Temple by Soho Reflex 2x3
Ross Xpres 4.75 inch F4.5 f5.6 1/150
Fuji Neopan SS
sample photo

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