Verito 6 1/8 inch Diffused Focus Lens

A famous soft focus lens for portrait around 1920, made by Wollensak(3-elements, 2-group). There seemed to be different kind of focus range between 2 and 12 inch or more. The photo is 6 1/8 inch Verito F4 mounted in a No.3 BETAX shutter which speeds shows T,B, 2,5,10,25,50 and has a diaphragm f4-45. It is not so hard to find the lenses over 8 inch, but the lenses under 8 inch is very hard to find in the used market of Japan.

Lens Photo Lens Photo
Verito 6inch F4 in BETAX shutter Verito 8inch F4

Elements PictureApertures between F4 to F8 will make a very good soft image effective. Though full open F4 is suitable for portrait, it gives too much flare for the infinity or landscape shots. Better be careful to choose the F stops, its depends on how much flare you need. These lenses have enough image circle for 4x5 inch film. The shutter equipped with 61/8inch is that maximum speed is 1/50 sec. It has to be used with ND-filter in the daylight shots. Attaching to the SLR Camera is the best way to use Verito because you can use more high speed shutter(focal plane) or can check the best flare on the image of focus screen. Here is an another Verito(8 3/4 inch). I recently set it to 4x5 inch Speed Graphic which has fine focal plane shutter.

Lens Photo Lens Photo
Verito 6 inch attatched to the SOHO Reflex Verito 8 inch in Speed Graphic

A sample Photo Ajisai(flower, best in rainy season) F5.6 1/500 T-MAX 400
Taken by RB 21/4 x 31/4 Graflex attached to.

Verito work

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