Vest Pocket KODAK

The best seller pocket roll film camera that was manufactured between 1912 to 1926. It is said that over 1.8 million cameras were made among the period.

It is famous in Japan that the single meniscus lens of VPK is able to get the soft image focus as beautiful flare as Verito lens. The flare is gotten when the hood in front of the lens removed.
The hood is rather to control aperture value in order not to extra open than the lens shade work. The full open value of aperture with the hood seems to be around F11 and is able to get sharp and high contrast image.

Camera Photo
Elements Picture

It is able to be F6.8 aperture value when the hood removed away then gets soft focus image under the value of F11.
As VPK was made past over 70 years, there are very few bodies keeping condition good. So they recommend that remove the shutter assembly with lens from the VPK body and attach it to today's 35mm SLR camera so as to use high speed shutter or to see the suitable flare image in the focus screen. Focus length is around 72mm which would be best suit for portrait.

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A Sample Photo by VPK Single Meniscus Lens
F6.8 1/250 Fuji-Vervia, taken by Pentax LX
Sample Photo
(June '89)

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