WELTUR 6x9cm

A Welta pre-war range finder model, which was manufactured in 1936 - 40. The latest version had a finder mask which could be changed in aperture size to 6x4.5cm for 16 pictures.

Many 105mm lenses were attached to this camera, Zeiss Tessar F4.5,Xenar F3.8,Radionar F4.5, Steiheil Cassar f3.8, Meyer Trioplan F4.5.
A 6x4.5cm model Weltur 645 and double size model Weltur 6x6 6x4.5 were also manufacutured in the same period.

camera photo

Weltur 6x9cm Specifications
MakerWelta Kamera Werke Germany
Film120 brownie 6x9cm 8 Exposures
FocusingKnob on the bed
RangefinderDouble image
View FinderGalilei x0.6
LensXenar 105mmF3.8 (4-Elements in 3-Group)
ShutterCompur Rapid T,B, 1 - 1/400 Sec.
Closed Focus4 feet
Film supplyManual,Red Window

A sample Photo by Weltur 6x9cm
Xenar 105mmF3.8 F8 1/200 sec

sample photo

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